5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dose of Unli-Meat at Century Park Churrasco Buffet

We can’t deny that one thing we missed throughout the lockdown is dining in buffets aside from other things. Having different kinds of food to choose from in a single meal is paradise for us Filipinos as it gives us merry fiesta-vibes that we enjoy and the sight of food has always been a mood-booster. Now that heavy lockdown restrictions have already been lifted, we can finally dig in buffets again and I know a good place to start at: Century Park’s Churrasco Buffet!

Century Park is a famous buffet place that was greatly missed when it closed down temporarily during this pandemic, however, it is now making a comeback with a new dining flare to offer which is the Churrasco-style Dinner Buffet. Due to popular demand, they have increased their working days and are now on a 3-day run per week from Wednesday to Friday. You can dine in with a price of P1,200 per head.

Hungry yet? Here are five reasons on why you should dine in Century Park’s Churrasco Buffet:

  1. Churrasco right on your plate

Starting off with their newest special serve, the Churrasco-style serving will give you all the servings of grilled beef, chicken, and pork you’d like right on your plate rodizio-style!

Churrasco is also known as Brazilian barbecue and its history goes way back in the 19th century where gauchos, which are horseback riders, would roast skewered-beef of cattles in their rural area in an open fire. This technique brings out the natural flavor of the meat making it more savory. Gauchos would then go table-to-table serving meat slices to their family and friends right off from the skewers, and this serving style is called rodizio.

Grilling the meat gives it the perfect balance of cooked meat, fat, and charred skin which you can enjoy with different dips and sauces such as chimichurri, peri-peri, salsa verde and others that will accentuate the flavor more. Not to mention, the sight of seeing your food get readied and served directly on your dining table adds up to the dining experience. In the restaurant, they have this green-red system where they give diners a two-sided square sign which you put on the table. The green side means that you are still up for it and would like another serving of meat and this would signal them to serve some more, on the other hand, putting it on the red side means that you’re done for the day.

  1. Journey through various flavors

It’s a buffet, of course we’re going to expect a variety of food! The buffet offers different dishes from each course. You can enjoy different kinds of bread, salad, and soup for appetizers to warm you up for your journey of gastronomical delight throughout your meal.

They serve Filipino dishes as well as international cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, Italian, to name a few. If you love Japanese food, you can eat all the sushi and sashimi that you want. They also have readied bowls of ingredients to some Filipino dishes like sinigang where they would cook it as per request so that you will enjoy your meal freshly-cooked.

Alongside the bread section, they also have the cold cuts and cheese section which you can munch on if you want to take a break from all the flavors and heavy meals. You can set up your own charcuterie board but on your plate, and with all the assortment of cold cuts and a diverse type of cheeses to choose from you can enjoy setting it up and personalizing it on how you would want it.

  1. There’s always room for dessert

No matter how full you are with all the dishes you have tasted, the buffet experience, or any meal for that matter, is never complete without some dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, this would probably be your favorite part of the buffet. A collection of cakes and tarts are displayed with a lot of kinds to choose from and in mini-sizes so you can enjoy different flavors without getting sweetness-overload from just one. They also have pretty designs that would surely make you want to take a pic of them before indulging in it. Want something cold? They have an ice cream and crepe section, a halo-halo station, and also bite-sized servings of refrigerated desserts such as panna cotta and coffee jelly. Your buffet dining experience would surely have a sweet ending.

  1. Feast your eyes too

You will enjoy the delightful food more with how the place is set up and designed. It primarily has a wooden interior with wooden furniture set up and fancy dinnerware which makes the place classy. At the same time, the place gives a cozy and relaxing vibe with its ambient lighting which allows you to be more comfortable in enjoying your dining experience. It also has a spacious area where you don’t have to worry about sitting too close to other diners and walking around the buffet section makes it easier.

  1. Don’t worry, you’re safe!

It’s okay to have second thoughts on dining-in and taking part in this wonderful buffet. To assure guests and diners, the Century Park’s Buffet Restaurant now carries a Safety Seal in accordance with the Department of Tourism’s Safety Seal Certification Program which is created to ensure compliance with Minimum Public Health Standards (MPHS), including the adoption and use of the StaySafe.ph application in covered establishments. Rest assured that the area has been inspected and assessed thoroughly and is safe for diners to enjoy their pleasant Churrasco buffet experience.

For more inquiries, you can visit Century Park’s website or email them at [email protected] and telephone number: (632) 8528-8888.

Written by Kaye David

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