Be Online-Secure Thru GCash!

With the rise of business, work and even schooling transactions happening online, it is reasonable to feel unease and unsecured as things happen in the virtual space. There may be a constant fear for scammers, and unreliable deals as we can deal with strangers selling products, offering items and other online-related matters. But fear not, for GCash has your back safely secured and protected.

Thru GCash, you can experience online transactions with ease, comfort and security. Aside from these, you can set up your own GCash account even if you are not a Globe telecom user. That’s right! No matter what network you are in, you can now freely use GCash. Now, how can you have your GCash account?

You can register for a GCash account by several ways. First, if you have a Globe/TM sim, you can dial *143# and set up by clicking GCash in the menu and follow the instructions. You can also register through the GCash website by clicking this link: For mobile phones, you can also download the GCash application which thru the Google Play Store. And even if you cannot do the options above, you can register GCash via Messenger! Just search for @gcashofficial and follow the steps to set your account.

Now as I mentioned that GCash has your security as its priority, it begins with the process of validating your account which is a procedure required by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Upon verification, you will be asked to present one valid ID which can be any government-issued ID such as Passport, Driver’s License, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID, Barangay Certification, Postal ID, Police Clearance, Voter’s ID and other legal-issued IDs such as Company ID and Student ID for students.

Aside from ensuring your identity, you can also be secured by having your MPIN which is a four-digit number that you can use in logging in to your GCash account. Take note, that in achieving a fully secured GCash access and use, it is best if you keep your GCash private and in secret. This is to avoid granting other people access to your GCash account and wallet. It is also best that when dealing with transactions online using the GCash account, never share personal details such as your GCash account number, mobile number, MPIN, birthday, e-mail addresses and one-time password. Giving these details could grant access to potential scammers to your account so vigilance and remaining alert is a must!

Recently, GCash assisted the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in arresting swindlers and scammers: Joselito Floresca, Antonino Guevarra and Henry Lachica. These people have swindled GCash users by pretending to assist the victims in fixing their fakely compromised GCash accounts. So in the process, they began asking the victims personal details to gain access. And as GCash puts safety on its users as its priority, it collaborated with the NBI by having an internal investigation which greatly helped the case.

So, fear not for GCash will always secure your account and your life in the process. Just do not forget to be a vigilant and alert on any of your online transactions. Be online-secure thru GCash!

Written by Kaye David

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