Let your pets feel that extra love this Christmas season with Pedigree this Shopee 12.12 sale

Christmas is the time of the year to share love and joy. For us, Filipinos, Christmas is the happiest time of the year I guess that’s why we celebrate it the longest 12 days isn’t enough that’s why we start three months earlier than the whole world.

Cheerful, loving, and thoughtful that we are we remember everyone in our lives during this time that we create a Christmas gift list, so we won’t forget anyone that matters; our family, friends, especially our inaanaks, and those who are a big part of our lives for the past year.

And speaking of those who are a big part of our lives, may we not forget those who made us smile when we’re down, those who made us feel much love, and those are always there to welcome us home after a long tiring day at work- our fur babies.

This Christmas time let us make our cuddly fur babies feel the love they deserve.

Give them a gift that is both what they would love and is healthy for them just like these treats I got my ming-ming.

I got her different treats like Whiskas Pouch Jr. Tuna, Sheba Can Chicken, Temptations Chicken, and Whiskas Jr 1.1 Kg for her to enjoy.

And today at Shopee 12.12 is the best time wherein we can treat them too!

Head on to the Pedigree store on Shopee and get up to 40% off plus an extra Php 100 off for minimum purchase of Php 1212.

Share the joy of Christmas with our lovely fur pets by giving them good and balances meals and treats that will make them healthy and happy too.

Written by Kaye David

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