Passing On the Legacy: Building Family Relationships by sharing every meal together

Former 80’s child star and 90’s heartthrob Chuckie Dreyfus recently uploaded on his Youtube channel a Vlog with her daughter, Ella, who dared him to do the “Hot Chicken Challenge”. Basically, they have to answer questions that will test how well they know each other. And it will not be a challenge if it doesn’t a twist. For every wrong answer they have to eat a slice of chicken coated with hot sauce. You can just imagine how funny they were while doing the challenge over lunch.

While watching their vlog I can’t help but think about the times I spent with my mom. Everyone around me knows that your busy witty mommy is a Mama’s girl not because mama treats me as her baby but because of the time and effort she gives to spent time with me and my brother. Mama was a working mom. Together with my dad, they manage our small family business but despite of her busy schedule she makes sure that she has time for us.

Growing up mama and I shared our passion for food. Not just eating but also cooking. We would share recipes of our favorite food and she would talk about the style of cooking that they have during her younger years. I can vividly remember the time when I can only spend weekends with her. I go home to a mom who had her grocery list prepared days ahead so she won’t forget any ingredient of the dishes she’ll be cooking for me.

I bet if my mom and I would play the “Hot Chicken Challenge” we would have aced it. We know so many things about each other because my mom made sure that she was there to hear my stories. And most of our chikahan happened over a good home cooked meal that we prepared.

This is one of the legacies that my mom left to me. My mom taught me that our family is a treasure that we take care of and our relationship with them is like a seed that we should nurture. Spending quality time with the family is something that we should not take for granted.

That same legacy I pass on to my own family especially with my daughter. She’s just 22-month old but I let her watch me cook and we make sure that she sits with us on the dining table every meal time. I know while my family and I get together and share our stories over every meal mama is watching us from heaven happily.

Written by Kaye David

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