Potang Bengi Seafood Grill and Asian Eatery is now in Angeles City!

Are you ready to sample some of the best seafood and Asian street food that the world has to offer? On June 11, you may attend the Grand Launch of the best Asian street food in Angeles City, where you can sample the exquisite tastes of Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and other Asian countries.

At Bangkok-X, Hawkers928, and M. Izakaya, you may sample a wide range of Asian cuisines with a variety of different tastes. Bangkok’s streets are teeming with street food. Try some of Thailand’s most well-known and well-loved foods, such as Guay Teow Nue, which is a flavorful noodle dish served with an aromatic broth and slow-cooked beef, and Som Tam, which is a green papaya salad that is often eaten on the move. It is hot, sweet, and sour, and it is eaten with grilled meat or as a lunch meal on its own. Tom Yum is also available which is a soup that is a staple in Thailand, and many more!

Take advantage of all the mouthwatering specialties that Singapore has to offer. Chilli Crab is Singapore’s national meal and is served with stir-fried crabs in a tasty and spicy sauce. In addition, the Hawker Centers in Singapore provide a wide variety of other delectable dishes, like the substantial Lobster Laksa (a Singaporean noodle dish).

Of course, no experience to the cuisines of Asian street vendors would be complete without tasting the dishes that made izakayas in Japan famous. Sate (skewered, grilled meat) and Yakitori (chicken skewers served with beer on busy streets or at festivals), as well as Yaki-tomoroshi (grilled, sweet corn), are just a few of the delectable dishes you’ll find in this vibrant and diverse region.

On the heart of Angeles City, indulge in your favorite comfort foods from all across Asia! The grand opening of POTANG BENGI Asian Eatery & Seafood Grill will take place on June 11, 2022, at 7:00 PM. We hope to see you there!

In addition to that, they will also be holding a FREE CONCERT FEATURING TRUE FAITH! While you listen to True Faith, you may pick from a wide range of different Asian delicacies provided by Bangkok-X, Hawkers928, and M. Izakaya. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Make sure you get a seat by phoning the reservation line at 09159738598 right away. They may be found in the Hensonville Subdivision at 2009 Richtofen Street, which is on the corner of Pear Street.

Written by Kaye David

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