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When you are a hot-mess mom juggling endless household chores, a full-time job and child care, you start to believe that having a clutter-free home is a myth. na

While others are dying to know the secret to longevity, I am in a constant search for a silver lining in a disheveled house. I’ve tried to go on full “Marie Kondo” mode, parting away with loads of stuff that no longer spark joy, but life always gets in the way and I get stuck in the process.

So, I try to wing decluttering, as I do with a lot of other mommy duties, by just taking it nice and slow.

I pool all the things that are gathering dust in the house (mostly outgrown baby stuffs—from slightly used bumper seats, walker, slightly used clothes, crib, breast pumps and toys) and sell them.

We used to spare one weekend for a garage sale to get these things out of the way, but weekends too are loaded with baby ballet classes, a trip to the pediatrician or dentist, grocery shopping and doing homework—so I turned to online marketplaces instead.

Thank goodness for the wonders of mobile wallet apps like GCash and its easy money transfer features, I don’t have trouble selling online, where most buyers are working moms like me who don’t have the luxury of time.

While I’ve made available other payment options—like online bank transfers—many moms buying from me are relieved that GCash is an alternative. They just send me their payment from their GCash accounts to mine at the speed of a text message, and it’s done deal.

It’s easier for me too because payments are sent real-time and I can verify them at once, making transactions faster and more reliable.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a buyer from Nagcarlan, Laguna who needed ASAP the item I was selling (a preloved breastfeeding gadget). She wired her payment through GCash because she said she was alone at home with her kids and couldn’t go to the nearest bank. If it weren’t for GCash, she would have lost to another interested buyer, who was willing to pay for the item straight away.

So far, I’ve sold online most of the big, old stuff. There are many other small items to tackle and sell but as they say, easy does it. Sooner or later and before I know it, the house is neat and clean, and raring to become a calmer, peaceful retreat.

Written by Kaye David

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