Stay safe during the holiday rush: go cashless

The Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year for almost everyone. Yes, including pickpockets, robbers and scammers.

The holiday rush and string of festivities are actually a gold mine for these thugs who particularly prey on merrymakers trooping to crowded malls and Christmas bazaars to shop for gifts for their loved-ones and friends.

To ensure safety and avoid falling victim to pickpockets or thieves as you dash through bazaars and malls for a Christmas shopping spree, avoid carrying large amounts of money especially when riding public transportation or walking in crowded places.

But if you need a hefty amount, use a digital wallet instead like GCash. The leading mobile wallet in the country, GCash offers greater security and reduces risk of theft especially around the holidays because it allows you to shop without the need for physical cash, which is a magnet for criminals.

GCash’s easy and real-time money transfer features allows you to cash in when you need extra funds while in the thick of shopping or while caught in a heavy line to the cashier. You won’t need to suddenly give up your spot in a long line of shoppers at the check-out counter to go find an ATM when you get short of cash.

With GCash, all you need to do is cash-in (the equivalent of withdrawing money the traditional way) the amount of money you need from your linked debit card or savings account. Using GCash for your holiday shopping also allows for some flexibility when you need to pay with your debit card instead. You can immediately transfer money from your savings account to replenish your debit card using GCash.

But to ensure hassle-free and instant cash-ins, your debit cards and bank savings accounts must be linked to your GCash account before embarking on your shopping spree.

GCash also has over 50,000 partner merchants so you don’t need to worry about having limited choices of products to purchase.

What’s an even better idea is to shop from home and skip the crowded malls and the heavy traffic that come with the Christmas rush. You can shop online with the convenience of paying through GCash. Many online shops are already providing GCash as a digital payment option for convenience, speed and security. GCash will also let you transfer money to banks real-time, so you won’t have to waste time in traffic on the way to the bank.

These days, with the holiday rush getting even crazier, we have to find ways to not lose the merry in Merry Christmas.

Written by Kaye David

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