What You Can Do With BDO’s Digital Services

In the current situation of finding the difficulty in carrying out financial duties in banks on site, Banco de Oro (BDO) keeps on finding ways how to provide innovation and convenience to their constituents as per their tagline “We find ways.” As one of the largest banks in the Philippines, BDO already has years of service in the country with the commitment to boost financial inclusion in any condition. Luckily for us, handling our own finances today via any device is manageable with BDO’s newfound way: Digital Banking Services.

Here is a list of what you can do with what their Digital Banking Services has to offer in every BDO branch:

  1. Open a BDO account with their ONLINE ACCOUNT OPENING

Opening a BDO account does not require visiting a BDO branch anymore, instead, you can just apply online and go on a Zoom video call with one of the staff. Prepare 2 valid IDs with a picture of you holding them. Additional requirements may also be needed upon further evaluation. You would also be required to fund your account within 7 days of activation to prevent account closure. Opening an account is easier and could be done right now in the comfort of your home, follow the steps below for opening an account.

Image Credit: BDO’s Website

There are four available account types you can open: ATM Savings, Kabayan Savings for both Peso and Dollar, Passbook Savings, and Peso Checking. You can find a short description of each below.

Image Credit: BDO’s Website
  1. Have branch services available with PHONE BANKING
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After your account enrollment and activation via any BDO ATM, you can have quick access to your account with just a phone call! You don’t have to wait for long lines and opening hours as the Phone Banking Service is available 24/7.

It offers almost every service you would need from any BDO branch. You can:

    • Inquire deposit, credit card, cash card, and BDO Rewards account balances
    • Pay bills immediately to over 180 companies
    • Transfer money to enrolled BDO accounts (own or another person)
    • Reload BDO Cash Card
    • Reload Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk ‘N Text, or Sun prepaid phone
    • Re-order checkbooks
  • Know the latest Foreign Exchange and UITF rates
  • Report lost or stolen cards
  1. Check your account anytime, anywhere with BDO ONLINE
Image Credit: BDO’s Website

With their new design of the launched BDO online app, BDO claims that a better online banking experience is offered with a new look and smoother navigation. It is protected by a biometric and PIN setting to secure your account. You can view your account summary and transaction details anytime and anywhere! Paying bills and sending money is simple with just a few clicks, and you could also schedule sending money for future transactions! The application would require your device to have an internet connection to function.

  1. Pay your bills through BDO PAY
Image Credit: BDO’s website
  1. Cash out with available ATMs everywhere
Image Credit: BDO’s website

There are almost 4,000 BDO ATMs nationwide and you may be able to find a BDO ATM at your local mall, department stores, hospitals, gasoline stations, and other public areas. With just your ATM card, you can withdraw up to P50,000 a day! You can also do other services like checking your balances, sending money to enrolled or any BDO accounts, buying load for your SIM card, and avail cash advance.

Using the BDO Online app, you can also withdraw from just a QR code generated by your phone.

  1. Deposit cash with CASH DEPOSIT MACHINES
Image Credit: BDO’s website

You don’t have to go inside your local BDO branch and wait in line to deposit cash to your account, you don’t even need your ATM card! With just your account details, you can already cash in through the cash deposit machines usually available outside BDO branches.

However, there are also some transactions you can do using your ATM card and these are basically the same ones that you can do in an ATM. Cash deposit to your own account and bills payment that doesn’t require enrolment are purely cardless transactions.

  1. Inquire through BDO FACEBOOK MESSENGER
Image Credit: BDO’s FB Page

Do you have any inquiries? BDO has a Facebook page where you can send your questions through Facebook Messenger and they can reply instantly. They answer inquiries about Digital Banking, Credit Card Status, Remittance Requests, and other BDO Products. Make sure that you get the right page here.

  1. CASH IN online shop wallets from your BDO bank account
Image Credit: BDO’s website

BDO is partnered with Lazada and GrabPay, you can top up your wallets from these online shops from your BDO account without needing to share your account details! Adding balance to online wallets can be a struggle especially if the system from other outlets or stores is always down. With just your BDO Online, you can already transfer money into your shop wallets to make your online shopping more convenient and fast.

  1. Be secured with their #BDOANTISCAM
Image Credit: BDO’s website

With a lot of these services becoming digital, uneasiness with the security and potential scammers cannot be avoided. BDO implements biometrics and PIN requirements with the online apps for security. Through the #BDOAntiScam awareness, they also give out reminders on how to avoid scammers and maintain the security of your account.

Below are warnings to note to avoid scammers:

Image Credit: BDO’s website

Written by Kaye David

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