What’s the Original Soju?

Nothing beats the Original JINRO!

Throwing a party would be incomplete without drink, and as Korean culture spreads across the country, so does Korean Soju!

Korean Soju

The Korean craze, known as “Hallyu,” initially came in the Philippines a decade ago, when Koreanovelas, K-Pop, and Korean cuisine were shown on television, and its popularity doubled owing to social media.

As a result, numerous soju-based drinks and even flavored soju have surfaced in our local shops, and as well as Korean cafés to pair with their delicacies.

But what’s the Original Soju?

Filipinos are familiar with Soju, but if you google ” Korean Soju,” you’ll almost certainly come across the brand JINRO. Jinro is the largest manufacturer of soju accounting for half of all white spirits sold in South Korea.

HITEJINRO, Korea’s largest liquor company, produces JINRO Soju and for more than 90 years, HITEJINRO has produced great soju workmanship and is even considered to be the world’s oldest soju brand!

Since the 1980s, JINRO has expanded its position in the Philippine market. With 8 JINRO variants ranging from Original to fruit-flavored soju, HITEJINRO PHILIPPINES aims to provide Filipinos with the most authentic and enjoyable Korean drinking experience imaginable.

Try some of their flavored Sojus such:

  1. Jinro Grapefruit – Price: Php 115-120
    Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
    Volume: 360mL
    Jinro Grapefruit Soju is packed with a vivid grapefruit flavor, making it a refreshing take on a classic drink.
  1. Jinro Green Grape – Price: Php 115-120
    Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
    Volume: 360mL
    Because of its sweet and rich taste, Jinro Green Grape Soju remains a favorite. This is a one-of-a-kind drink that may be savored on its own or in cocktails.
  1. Jinro Plum – Price: Php 115-120
    Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
    Volume: 360mL
    Jinro Plum Soju adds a fun plum note to Chamisul Fresh’s crisp flavor.
  1. Jinro Strawberry – Price: Php 115-120
    Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
    Volume: 360mL
    Each sip of Jinro Strawberry Soju imparts the sweet, tangy flavor of ripening strawberries while remaining light and refreshing.

Get JINRO Soju, Korea’s Original Soju, the next time you’re thinking about having a drink!

Check out their page here to stay up to date on their Flavored Sojus. Also, click here to get JINRO’s Original Soju and the Price of Soju.

Written by Kaye David

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